MEGA MEDIA creates exclusive floor coverings for your projects worldwide.

One project is not the other. That is why we offer a design service for Custom Design Vinyl Floorcoverings. We work with architects and designers to create a balanced experience that is overwhelmingly beautiful. When developing the concepts, we take into account your specific requirements for spaces. From practice room to hotelsuite, from exhibition hall to government building. We offer various types of materials. Even covering from floor to ceiling is possible.

Our Floorcoverings can be integrated into the complete design. Everything is possible and we make every effort to customize your project. View current examples from your industry through our social media channels and at : Projects.

Worlds most personal floor !



Do you also want to impress and marvel your visitors?
Let us design your unique personal vinyl floor, in super-photorealistic quality!

For every industry we have the functional solution!


- Offices - Education - Events
- Retail - Hospitality - Museums
- Architects - Expo - Government                                                                                        
- Project Upholstery and Stylists - Care & Welfare - Airports
- Leisure - Sport - Media
- Showroom and Practice - MarCom / Corporate - Entertainment

We deliver Premium:
MM-9 Vinyl: Non-permanent reusable Floor coverings on roll. For e.g. expo and events.
MM10 Vinyl: Permanent Floor Cover on Roll. For many applications. Ultra wear resistant.
MM11 Vinyl: Ceiling cover on roll.

It is possible to combine different roles into one large seamlessly MEGA floor surface. We can process your commercial-, route-, safety- message or branding without quality loss in the floor. Integrated design with LED lights or sensors in the floors, also belongs to the unique possibilities.

MEGA MEDIA materials are professionally tested and meet very high standards. The specifications can be obtained from us.

Fast delivery times! Approx. 2 weeks within the Netherlands, depending on design, execution and location.
Worldwide shipping is possible.

Ask for a quotation.