About MEGA MEDIA Groep

MEGA MEDIA is a design studio- and project agency for the interior industry. We are resourceful creators, with expertise in applying custom design floor and wallcovering within the right context. We advise, develop and realize both business and private projects at home and abroad. We specialize in artistic custom XL production for walls and floors.

MEGA MEDIA is a compact, distinct organization with solid core experts. The team has received awards and nominations for their creativity and entrepreneurship. Combined with a flexible shell of independent contractors, we create wall and floor productions and private labels at a high level of knowledge and quality at an attractive rate.

MEGA MEDIA is active in the market since 2003, and finds it's essence in the design and production of high-end large format expressions. The studio is always busy with product development and digital design of high class.


MEGA MEDIA has won 2 Awards!
​Of course we are very proud of these, which are:

The National Creativity Award   &   Regional Business Woman Award 2016


MEGA MEDIA Partner Aurelia Ebbe, also Regional Business Woman of the Year, showcases into her innovative designs projects of striking quality. She is keen in developing new high-quality images. From thought through ideas, concepts are developed into themes. Her own artistic collections are sold at home and abroad under Private Label: La Aurelia ®. Collaboration with Designer Aurelia is possible to create a unique custom designed makeup for your ambiance.

MEGA MEDIA Managing Director / Founder Paul Ebbe sets the tone for the company's image, sales, development and operations. He brings experience to a higher level and develops new markets for existing applications. Through years of experience in a wide visual spectrum, Paul has a high end eye for digital designing. Paul is building a large reseller network of contacts with business quality, personality and a high degree of drive to entrepreneurship.